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Obesity is a common multifactorial condition with significant medical consequences if left untreated. Currently the non-surgical management of obesity within the NHS varies widely with geographical location and resources.


Weightmedics is a doctor-led obesity management program. Our primary goal is to help clients lose excess weight through dietary and lifestyle modifications with or without the use of centrally-acting appetite suppressants or natural supplements.


Each Weightmedics client:


  1. Is assigned to the care of a Patient Care Manager who provides a constant point of contact for queries and support throughout the program
  2. Receives a thorough review of his/her medical history with a doctor, who plans a tailored program for the client, and carefully assesses for contraindications to medication
  3. Is followed up once a week in clinic (highly recommended) to allow for close monitoring and fine-tuning of their program as they progress
  4. Is treated in strict confidence, and with a realistic, non-judgemental approach as we understand that obesity is often a lifelong problem and relapses do occur
  5. Is assured that we will keep working to find a solution that suits the client, however we require the client to put in the necessary effort.
  6. By taking the time to understand each client's unique situation and targeting specific aspects, we hope to help them reach a healthy BMI and more importantly, develop a healthy attitude towards sustainable dietary and lifestyle choices so as to maintain this.

Interested in working with us?

If this sounds like the kind of business you would be interested in working for, give us a call on 020 7760 7670 or email patientcare@weightmedics.co.uk


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