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Need Sunshine? We Should All Consider Taking Vitamin D Supplements This Winter, Says NHS

20 November 2019


Now that the days are getting shorter, it means less of the ‘sunshine vitamin’, or vitamin D- so called because our bodies create it when the skin is exposed to natural sunlight.

Vitamin D contributes to our musculoskeletal health- it allows us to absorb calcium and phosphorus normally and contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. It also helps with the functioning of our immune systems, muscle function and blood calcium levels.  During the autumn and winter seasons, we rely much more on a healthier diet or supplements to stop becoming deficient.  Low levels of vitamin D can lead to muscle weakness, falls and fragility fractures in older people.  Foods naturally rich in vitamin D include fatty fish, fish oils, liver and eggs and breakfast cereals are often fortified with vitamin D in the UK.

It is however difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone, and many of us don’t get enough.  Following advice from Public Health England, the NHS recommends that everyone in the UK over the age of five should consider taking a supplement containing 10 micrograms (μg) of vitamin D during the autumn and winter.

For those of you who don’t like taking pills, help is at hand with our Vitamin D3 Sublingual Sprays at Weightmedics!  You simply spray it under your tongue- and they have a better absorption rate than tablets too.

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