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The Benefits of Having a Nutritionist

7 May 2019


When beginning your journey to a healthier and happier you, it can seem daunting to do it alone. With an array of information in the media, understanding how to be in good health for the long term can be confusing. Spending some time with a nutritionist can help you to improve your diet and lifestyle, while improving your confidence too!

A Nutritionist will guide you using evidence-based nutritional information to help you reach your health and weight loss goals, separating fact from fiction to ensure you are receiving the correct advice. Whether your goal is to lose 5kg or wanting to improve your overall diet and lifestyle, a Nutritionist will be able to support you with the tools needs to achieve those goals.

At Weightmedics, you will receive ongoing support throughout your journey, which will allow you to stay motivated as you make small, healthful changes that are realistic for you. During your time here, you will have a 1-hour private consultation with our Nutritionist, Jemma, who will use the information provided by you to create a personalised 1-month meal plan. You will also have a follow up after 2 weeks, and again after 4 weeks, to ensure you receive the best results.

One of our patients, Lucy, who followed a meal plan created by Jemma, managed to lose over 6kg in just 1 month! This is what Lucy had to say about her experience with Weightmedics:

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