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Blood Pressure FAQs

Blood pressure monitoring- how can I check mine?

As you may know, all patients both new and existing must undergo regular blood pressure monitoring whilst taking appetite suppressants. Blood pressure and heart rate readings must be obtained from a reliable and approved device to ensure patient safety- we have a number of options for this.

Options For New Patients:
New patients to Weightmedics must have a blood pressure and heart rate check at one of our approved sites within 3 months of their Weightmedics appointment. You can attend one of our clinics, please see here for more information.

You can also obtain a blood pressure and heart rate reading from your GP or request a copy of one taken in the last 3 months. This must have the patients GP practice details.

It is also possible for you to attend any pharmacy and request a blood pressure or heart rate reading. Measurements must be documented on a pharmacy paper or have a pharmacy stamp.

Options For Existing Patients:
If you are an existing patient and not on medication for hypertension you can undertake home monitoring and submit a recording every 6 months.

Hypertensive and patients on antihypertensives must attend one of the approved assessment sites listed above for new patients and have their blood pressure checked every 3 months.

At Weightmedics, we recommend the A&D blood pressure monitor which can be purchased by clicking here.

Other recommended home BP monitors can be found here:

BP monitors NOT recommended for home use can be found here:


Choosing the right Blood Pressure Cuff for you*

The below video can help you find your correct blood pressure cuff size:


Watch the below video to see how to measure your blood pressure at home:

Fore more information on choosing a blood pressure monitor, please email us on

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