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Patient Stories

At Weightmedics, we’ve helped thousands of patients with their weight management journeys.  Read some of our successful patient stories below for inspiration:

Kevin J.

“I’ve lost over 2 and a half stone!” 


“I have always had issues with myself regarding my weight, even when I was at school.  Before the pandemic started, arrived I had a personal trainer for one whole year having two one hour sessions a week.  He taught me how to eat well alongside my training.  By the end of the one year I had lost the required weight I needed to lose as well as gaining muscle.

I felt so good.

However, the pandemic came along and I found myself working from home all the time.  I then started eating a lot more snacks which is so easily done at home! My weight increased and then I decided I need to go back to how I was.  I lost the motivation to hit the gym so I found Weightmedics online and I decided to try it, and have been using the prescribed weekly weight loss injections.

I have had no side effects and it does exactly what it is supposed to do –  suppresses your hunger and stops you eating unhealthy snacks.  During a period of four months I lost over 2 and a half stone!  I have had great help and support from all the staff and they are always there to answer your questions.

Alongside eating healthily to get the true benefits of the medication, I will continue to use the medication and now I have the appetite to use the gym again.

I highly recommend Weightmedics weight management services to anyone, it is a life changer.  Thank you all again to the staff of Weightmedics!

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