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Since 1987 our Doctor led weight loss clinics have been offering medical weight loss programmes and nutritional guidance that have helped many thousands of patients achieve their weight loss goals. Our focus is always on helping patients lose weight for the long term in a safe and supportive environment. Patient care is at the centre of all that we do. From clinically approved weight loss medication and weight loss injections, to nutritional advice we offer each patient an individual solution that is right for them.


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We understand that each patient is unique and losing weight can be a challenge. Through our caring team of doctors, nurses and specialist nutritionists, we can offer you the latest weight loss treatments, nutritional guidance and advice available.

Providing weight loss answers with a difference, our medical experts are equipped to help you achieve your weight loss goals. From clinically approved weight loss medication to bespoke nutritional guidance we offer you the latest tailored plans to suit your needs.

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Jemma Cooke
Nurse Director

At Weightmedics all of our doctors are GMC registered and specialise in weight loss and nutritional guidance. Weightmedics are proud to be founding members of and chair the Obesity Management Association (OMA).

Dr Nilofer Akram

MBBS, MCPS (Path.) DFFP, Medical Director

Dr Nilofer Akram dual graduated as a GP and qualified pathologist in 1968. Whilst working as a GP she developed an interest in weight loss and nutrition and has been working in this field for the last 18 years. Dr Akram has been Medical Director of Weightmedics for the last 12 years and also holds a Certificate in Obesity Management from the University of Reading. Dr Akram is involved in training and assessing new doctors and has wide experience in helping people who have previously struggled to lose weight.

Jemma Cooke

RN, OMA, Nurse Director

A Registered Nurse, Jemma has over 13 years’ experience in the fields of weight loss, fitness and aesthetics. Having held roles as a Specialist Clinical Nurse Manager, delivering a range of medical treatments, Jemma is passionate about delivering excellent results-driven treatments to our patients. Jemma has a keen interest in health, well being and fitness and is a true advocate of the results that Weightmedics can deliver to so many patients. Jemma’s friendly and caring nature ensures many of her patients continue to visit her after they have achieved their weight loss goals for continued support.

Natalie Hanna

Clinic Manager

Natalie is extremely passionate about well being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Natalie believes that each patient is unique, with a plan that is tailored to each individuals needs and preferences. Her key objective is to help patients get on the right track to optimum health by supporting them through their weight loss journey, helping them feel and look great.

Valdirene Leach

Weight Loss Specialist

Val has been working for Weightmedics for 7 years now, helping patients to reach a happier weight. Her role is to support and encourage patients through their journeys. She has a great deal of knowledge on how to eat well and she finds it rewarding to help patients change the way they mentally approach food by eating and living better.

Prianka Hurwanth

Patient Liaison

Prianka is your first point of contact when you make an enquiry to Weightmedics and start your weight loss journey!


She will ensure you are in the capable hands of our doctors, nurses or nutritionists.

Carol Sendrettie

Patient Liaison

Carol is the first point of contact for visitors at the Victoria clinic. She believes that the first impression is crucial for a successful treatment. She aims to provide the best patient experience and ensure that patients feel confident and comfortable about their weight loss journey at Weightmedics.

Chloe Booth

Patient Liaison

Chloe believes that feeling comfortable in your own skin is a fundamental part of life.  She loves being a part of the patient journey, being able to help patients and finds it incredibly rewarding to see them achieve such amazing results with Weightmedics.

Sandra Luur

Senior Receptionist

A certified personal trainer and BSc Human Nutrition student, Sandra has a genuine passion for health and wellbeing.  Sandra is a great believer in multi-compartment approach when it comes to improving health and wellbeing and she is constantly educating and bettering herself to help you with your journey at Weightmedics.

Annie Gill

Nutritional Therapist

Annie is a fully qualified Nutritionist graduating from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2017 and is currently the in-house Nutritional Therapist for Weightmedics.


Annie believes in focusing on the patient as an individual, made up of unique genes, with a unique lifestyle and can help support you in regaining vitality.


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