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The Weightmedics
Weight Loss
Injection Plan

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) approved weight loss injections available at all our clinics.

How Does It Work?

Losing 5% or more of your weight, and keeping it off, may improve weight-related complications and your ability to enjoy everyday activities

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Hunger Control
Hunger Control

The injections are 97% similar to a hormone released after eating that makes you feel full

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Appetite Triggers
Appetite Triggers

The injections trigger areas of your brain that control appetite that make you feel less hungry and means you will eat less

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Long Lasting Results
Long Lasting Results

On a recent survey Weightmedics patients were able to lose on average up to 14.3kg and were able to keep it off for over a year

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Improvements To Health
Improvements To Health

The injections improve weight-related health complications and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Weight Loss Plan

3 Step Process

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Getting Started

Week 1. Typically patients present with a BMI greater than 27. Calculate your BMI here.

We offer virtual or in clinic consultations with one of our Doctors. A full consultation will take place where your suitability for treatment will be assessed, and if you are suitable a treatment plan tailored to you will be recommended.
Once you are deemed as suitable for treatment our Doctors can get you started on your your weight loss plan that day. If you had a virtual consultation then medication can be delivered to you at home.
You will also get your own comprehensive patient guide to track your progress and results as well as our Weightmedics App which has meal plans, a BMI calculator and other recommended resources for physical and mental health.
Patients are encourage to start increasing movement from week 1. This might be walking more, yoga, stretching or swimming.
Typically your appetite will start to reduce from day 3 to day 7 once you start on the weight loss injections.

Ongoing Unlimited Support

Months 1-2

During your first month on the plan you will have continued reviews with your Doctor. This allows us to review your individual response to the treatment and make adjustments when they are needed.
Its clinically proven that healthy habits start to form around 8 weeks of adopting a new routine. We are here to support you each step of the way.


Months 3-4

As you progress on your plan our Doctors monitor your progress and help support you reach your goal weight.
Once you successfully reach your goal weight we will support you how to maintain this moving forwards from month 4.
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Luciana lost 8kg in 12 weeks

“I am so glad I discovered Weight medics, in
helping me to achieve the best version of me.”
- The Weightmedics Weight Loss Injection Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are weight loss injections suitable for me?
Our medical team will go through your medical and lifestyle history, the majority of people who need to lose weight are suitable for weight loss injections.
How do I use weight loss injections?
Weight loss injections are really easy to use, the medication comes in an auto-injection pen, similar to a diabetes pen. You’ll be given full directions of how and when to use it.
How long will I need to take weight loss injections for?
Typically patients are on the injection plan for 4 months to achieve and more importantly to be able to maintain their goal weight. Patients can stay on their plan for as long as they need to in order to achieve their goal.
How do I get my medication?
You can receive your medication on the same day as your in clinic appointment or we offer click and collect or at home delivery for virtual appointments. See more information here.
Why should I choose Weighmedics over other clinics?
You get the full Weightmedics Patient Guide as well as a specific Weight Loss Injection Guide where you will record your goals and track your progress as well as get comprehensive information regarding the service and the medication. You will also be able to access our Weightmedics app which is exclusive to patients on the Weight Loss Injection Plan. Here there is loads of information such as meal plans, a BMI calculator, a calorie counter, exercise and mindfulness recommended resources and a chat function to speak to our team.

Why Choose

Weightmedics takes a 360 medicated approach to weight loss to help you on your weight management journey and feel completely safe and fully supported.

Expert consultation with one of our specialist Doctors.
Same day medication if treatment is deemed suitable.
Regular check-ins and support from our Doctors.
Exclusive access to the Weightmedics App.

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